Operation M.Y.O.W. Slot

This is a serious operation to Make Your Own Winnings.. get it? M.Y.O.W? And the cats are there to help you take over the slots! Operation M.Y.O.W. slot from RTG features some crazy characters like Kung-Fu Kitty, a BatCat, Catzilla, Lucky Cat and a cat only known as The King. The slot machine is a high action high payout game with a $5,000 to be won.

Operation M.Y.O.W. slot has 3 reels and one payline making the game simple to use and understand. Also winnings on the single payline are quite high. The interesting part of the game is that at the beginning of the game, players can choose from 5 payout tables. You can choose based on how lucky you are feeling. You can stick to the pay table you are playing or switch to another one by clicking “next pay table”. Operation M.Y.O.W. slot begins with you placing your bets. You can click “bet one” or you can even go for the “bet max” option which is 3 coins.

The game is a whole lot of fun and the characters are a simply adorable. And you are bound to laugh your guts out seeing the crazy cat characters that Slots Oasis casino has come up with. More importantly the game is easy to play and with just 1 payline to think about and no added frills. And with enticing payouts you won’t even miss the other features. The game also has an auto play option so you can just select you pay table, make your bets and let the computer take care of the rest. The only other job you have is to click the “cash out” button. Play Operation M.Y.O.W. slot now at Slots Oasis casino and get a free bonus!